How long does it take to get my adzones approved?
3-4 business days. If there is a delay we will inform you via your contact details or on the dashboard.
I get an error when I try to get my tags. Why?
Pop-up block and/or ad-block settings are the most common reasons for this.
If the problem persists even after settings have been changed, please contact us.
Can I place adzones that have not been approved?
Whilst it is possible, we strongly recommend using only approved adzones to ensure good performance.
Can I register adult content websites?
Can I place an ad in a place different from the place I applied to?
No. The ad needs to match your selected ad placement, otherwise, it will not work.
How many ad placements can I put on my website?
No limit. Be aware that too many ads impact user experience and may damage your number of visitors to your site. Your account manager will be happy to give advice on improving ad performance.
How many adzones (ad placements) can I make?
As many as you want. However, we suggest that you start with some of popular adzone(adplacement) sizes.
Can I use one ad tag for several places?
No. One tag per ad placement.
Which ad sizes do you have?
PC 728x90 / 300x250 / 160x600 / 120x600 / 468x60
Mobile 320x50 / 300x250 / 320x100
Not using these sizes will in general result in an ad placement rejection.
My domain is blocked(error message:100001_Domain has been blocked. (Zone ID_XXXXXX)) and ads are not showing on my website. How can I solve this?
This error happens when you place your tag on a website which is different from the one registered in medi8. For example, if you register as your website and you use that tag on, then this error occurs. You have to correctly input your URL, including http or https.
How can I delete media/ad placements(ad zones) which I no longer use?
The system specification doesn't allow to delete any of them. We apologize for the inconvenience.
My ad placements(ad zones) are rejected. Why?
We do not disclose reasons for rejection but usually the followings are typical cases:
  • Selected ad sizes we don't support
  • "Adult content" selection is wrong
  • We judged the site/app is inappropriate
  • We judged the ad placement is inappropriate
  • Too many ad zones were made for one site/app
  • Too many overlay zones were made for one site
  • Same site/app is already registered
How can I sync my adsense account with medi8?
This function is under development and you cannot activate it even if you choose to do so. We will let you know when it is ready.
I would like to change my website domain. What should I do?
Please register a new URL and adzones. It may take 2-3 business days to deliver ads to the new domain.
I converted my website from http to https using SSL. What should I do?
This is regarded as a domain change. Please register a new URL and adzones. Please also note that you need to select "Use SSL" when you create the adzones. It may take 2-3 business days to deliver ads to the new domains.
I see numbers for "paid impressions" and "click/CTR" but CPM doesn't seem to be reflected.
Usually about a thousand impressions are necessary to calculate CPM. Please contact us for further information.


How much is the minimum payment amount?
Bank // Wire transfer : Minimum 500 US Dollars.
Paypal : Minimum 100 US Dollars.
In both cases if minimum is not reached the payment is deferred to the following month.
How much is remittance fee and who pays for it?
We do not pay for remittance.
Bank // Wire transfer is 25 US Dollars.
Paypal depends on your location, please make sure to check.
When do I get paid?
NET 45.
The 15th day of the second month from the end of invoicing term(a month).
Example: January payment is made on March 15th.
If the 15th is on bank holiday, the payment is made on the next business day.
Also, please inform us when you change your bank information.
If an error occurs when the remittance is made, the payment is deferred to the following month.


What is the revenue model? On what basis am I paid?
medi8 uses a CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) model. You will earn your revenue by every 1000 impressions.
Who is medi8?
We, adjapon, Inc., run medi8. We at adjapon, Inc., are a strategic overseas subsidiary of Japan's largest online advertising network "F@N Communications Co., Ltd.", listed on Tokyo Stock and in operation since 1999 .
Can I use medi8 with other affiliate services?
How can I cancel my medi8 account?
Please inform us.
Do you have a manual for medi8?
Please check the mail with Subject "Your publisher account is approved".