Announcement on ending the medi8 service

We would like to extend our deep appreciation for a long patronage for medi8, but we regret to inform you that we will end our service on 30th, June, 2018 due to a part of a shift in business strategy.
Please cehck the following URL for the details;

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Case Study

1. Are you achieving your potential targets?

Category News
Country Japan
Media PC

The problem: Mismatched adsources resulting in missed opportunities.

The solution: Replaced and added adsources relevant to client media.

Result: 1.64x increase in revenue.

medi8 has a rich selection of quality global adsources.
Having the right adsource is crucial to the success of your media therefore our experienced consultants will provide you with the best suited adsources to aid in quality traffic of your site/app.

2. Are you using the right adplacement format?

Category Free streaming
Country South Korea
Media PC

The problem: Adplacement format not suited for the media.

The solution: A change in banner format reflecting current trends.

Result: 100%+ increase in CTR and CPM.

This client approached us after facing persistent low performance. After consultation, we discovered that the adplacement format used was not suited for the media.

3. Having difficulties going global?

Category Tool app
Country Global
Media Smartphone App

The problem: Unable to effectively monetize global traffic.

The solution: Switched to global service plan.

Result: Successful monetization from 10+ countries.

This client had initially opted only to monetize local traffic and although they manage to successfully monetize locally they were losing out on global traffic. It was not long before they decided to go global. medi8's global ad inventory made monetizing from over ten countries possible. This goes to show medi8 as an effective tool in global business tactics.

Why choose medi8

More than 3,000 publishers have chosen medi8, a CPM based SSP, since Oct 2014 of its product launch. The followings are typical reasons why people have chosen us.

Rich ad inventory

Access Ad inventory that is broadly and globally connected across all verticals and channels. We deliver the best performing ad chosen from more than 100 ad networks/DSPs.

3 step Installation

Register, get your tag, embed it. That's all it takes to start making money. A completely hassle-free intuitive 3 step installation process to get your account running.

exceptional support

Fed up with unhelpful FAQs?
Apart from our attentive support team, you will be assigned with a dedicated consultant to serve your needs and maximise your profits.

How do we compare?

So, you want to see how we fare against others? To save your time, we have put this table.

We constantly strive for better performance and user experience.

  • PC/SP/App


  • Mail


  • Consultant

  • RTP

  • Japanese Bank Only


  • ¥5000 or no USD payment

    Minimum Payment

  • No adult


Ad Network A
  • PC/SP


  • FAQ/Mail (only premium users)


  • Consultant

  • RTP

  • Worldwide


  • ¥8000 or 100 USD

    Minimum Payment

  • No gamble, no adult


  • PC/SP/App


  • FAQ/Mail/TEL


  • Consultant

  • RTB

  • Worldwide


  • ¥3000 or 100 USD

    Minimum Payment

  • All Genre


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What is the revenue model? On what basis am I paid?
medi8 uses a CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) model. You earn revenue for every 1000 impressions.
How much is the minimum payment amount?
Payment threshold varies depending on payment method.
Bank // Wire transfer : Minimum 500 US Dollars.
Paypal : Minimum 100 US Dollars.
Please note that in both cases, if the threshold is not reached, the payment is deferred to the following month.
When do I get paid?
Payments are issued NET 45 days after the end of the month.
Meaning, the 15th day of the second month from the end of invoicing term(a month).
Example: January payment is made on March 15th.